Centre 151

Centre 151 – Vietnam, Laos & Cambodia supporting the community is an independent charity based in the heart of Hackney, promoting culture, arts and community inclusion. Centre 151 – VLC is a home for the ESEA (East & South East Asian) community whilst offering a wide range of activities and amenities for the benefit of local and wider communities.

Centre 151 is the outcome of a unique collaboration between the Community Centre for Refugees from Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia (VLC) – known as VLC Centre and, since its inception in 1985, a vital meeting point for refugees from South East Asia – and Van Huynh Company, a vibrant, cutting edge contemporary dance company with a growing national and international reputation.

  • Van Huynh Company sits at the heart of the creative and vibrant development of Centre 151 committing to continue the legacy of the former VLC Centre – fostered over three successful decades – whilst delivering an inspiring model of culture, arts and community integration.

Centre 151 offers a new vision for social inclusion based on the desire of the Vietnamese, Lao and Cambodian communities to give back to the host community in gratitude for the support they have received since its founding. Centre 151 partners have therefore committed themselves – despite challenging economic times – to maintaining a resilient, self-sustaining focus for the VLC communities and to creating an artistic and creative hub to welcome in the wider public. The Centre was one of the first 15 Social Enterprises to receive the new Pioneering Social Enterprise in Hackney Mark recognising the Centre as a genuine social enterprise that qualifies against strict criteria.