Therapy Centre

Centre 151 is dedicated to helping people improve their health and wellbeing with high quality treatments from our therapists.  All practitioners at Centre 151 are self-employed.  Please contact them directly for appointments or enquiries.

Our Therapists

Jo Lim – Therapeutic Thai Massage and Chi Nei Tsang
Marco Borghini – Acupuncture
Alessandra McAllister – Aromatherapy Massage
Sara Le Turcq – Shiatsu and Swedish Massage
Pascale Berthier – Energy Therapy
Jessica Paliza – Reiki
Rosalind Noctor – Ilan Lev Method and Movement practioner
Zjana Muraro – Feldenkrais and Ilan Lev Method

Rachel King – Thai Massage
Lewis Wilkins – Soft Tissue Therapy | Sports and Remedial Massage
Lisa Livornese – Reiki
Eva Banik – Structural Integration and Myofascial Release
Geraldine Emmanuelle – Reiki and Sound Healing Master
Jean-Philippe Guichard – Shiatsu

Massage Shala

Meet our therapists at the monthly “Massage Shala” where you can receive a first class treatment at an affordable rate. Shala is a sanskrit word meaning “home, abode”, therefore the Massage Shala is a home for  our therapists, practicing in a shared space.  We gather together to practice, share, experience and grow – a community of healers working together in conscious harmony.  Receiving treatments in a communal area is the norm in South East Asia, where massage is an everyday practice to maintain health and wellbeing.
Please check our Facebook page for upcoming dates, or contact us for more information at:

Low cost Multi-bed Acupuncture Community Clinic

Every Tuesday 4-8pm and Friday 1-5pm Marco Borghini, a London based qualified acupuncturist, runs a Low cost Multi-bed Acupuncture Community Clinic at Centre 151. 

What is a Low cost Multi-bed Acupuncture Community Clinic?
In China many people are treated in the same hospital ward or treatment room. By doing so Acupuncture treatments are more affordable and giving the chance to have more regular sessions in order to reach over time more effectiveness and long lasting results with the same level of care of a private one to one treatment. In the multi-bed clinic, several people are treated together in one room, offering affordable acupuncture treatments and giving access to quality care for the community. By treating more than one patient each hour, the practitioner can significantly reduce the price of each treatment. The patient and so the treatment is enhanced through the nurturing, group healing environment, and by the sense of community inclusiveness.
Contact Marco for more information: