Therapy Centre

Centre 151 is dedicated to helping people improve their health and wellbeing with high quality treatments from our therapists.  All practitioners at Centre 151 are self-employed.  Please contact them directly for appointments or enquiries.

  • Our Therapists

  • Massage Shala

  • Meet our therapists at the monthly “Massage Shala” where you can receive a first class treatment at an affordable rate.  
    • Shala is a sanskrit word meaning “home, abode”, therefore the Massage Shala is a home for  our therapists, practicing in a shared space.  We gather together to practice, share, experience and grow – a community of healers working together in conscious harmony.  Receiving treatments in a communal area is the norm in South East Asia, where massage is an everyday practice to maintain health and wellbeing.

    Please check our Facebook page for upcoming dates, or contact us for more information at