Low cost Multi-bed Acupuncture Community Clinic

Every Tuesday 16:00-20:00
Every Friday 13:00-17:00

Cost range from £35 to £45 per session
Booking required: 0793034180

Marco Borghini is a London based qualified acupuncturist. He studied Shiatsu in Brighton which then lead him to study Acupuncture at the London College of Chinese Medicine qualifying as a Traditional Chinese style Acupuncturist.
Acupuncture can treat a wide variety of issues such as quitting smoking, insomnia, anxiety, depression, energy levels, digestive problems, gynaecological issues, musculoskeletal health, eczema & psoriasis.

What is a Low cost Multi-bed Acupuncture Community Clinic?
In China many people are treated in the same hospital ward or treatment room. By doing so Acupuncture treatments are more affordable and giving the chance to have more regular sessions in order to reach over time more effectiveness and long lasting results with the same level of care of a private one to one treatment. In the multi-bed clinic, several people are treated together in one room, offering affordable acupuncture treatments and giving access to quality care for the community. By treating more than one patient each hour, the practitioner can significantly reduce the price of each treatment. The patient and so the treatment is enhanced through the nurturing, group healing environment, and by the sense of community inclusiveness.

Contact Marco for more information: marco_ino@yahoo.co.uk