Van Huynh Company

Formed in 2008 by Dam Van Huynh as a creative base to support his work and collaborations, Van Huynh Company is the creative heart of Centre 151.

Originally from Southern Vietnam, Dam Van Huynh is a UK based dancer/choreographer. As a child refugee, his family and he fled Vietnam after the war and settled in the USA where Dam was raised. Since moving to the UK and founding his company, Dam has carved out a unique choreographic voice.

In 2014 the British Council supported Dam’s research period in his home country Vietnam, allowing him to rediscover his culture through contemporary dance. Following this experience, Dam has built new links in the UK with the Community Centre for Refugees from Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia (VLC) supporting the development of Centre 151.

  • Van Huynh Company has partnered with VLC to form the development of Centre 151. Through this unique collaboration, Van Huynh Company wishes to encourage an open dialogue within the community, promote the arts as a way to change lives and support artists and the wider community. With its new home base at Centre 151, Van Huynh Company is committed to promoting a high standard of quality work and supporting art, culture and community inclusion.