RelaxtoErupt Workshop by Lewis Cooke

  • Sunday 1 December
  • 10am-4pm
  • Bookings: here

RelaxtoErupt is a physical demanding practise which aims to explore and discover 0-100% of tension and energy within the body and how that effects our capacity of movement. Whilst performing drills on associate tension, breaking habitual patterns and playing with effortlessness in and out of the floor. The fundamentals of RelaxtoErupt are: playfulness, curiosity and pushing our bodies away from where is naturally comfortable in order to find new pathways to develop. During this workshop we will bring an awareness to how effective momentum can be within movement and challenge the different areas of the body we can use. We will do this by manipulating our partners,the group and improvisational tasks. We will also explore as a group vulnerability, isolation and freedom within movement. Since Lewis has started teaching RelaxtoErupt it has spread to Europe, Scandinavia and America. This will be the last workshop of RelaxtoErupt in 2019.

We will also have the very talented Dan Martin ( who will come in and film the session to document it and will release a RelaxtoErupt promotional trailer at the end of December or January 2020. If you are attending the session then there is a high chance you’ll be in featured in the film. Therefore if you would not like to be in the film please specifiy this to me beforehand.

I hope to see you sweating, moving but most importantly enjoying the session with me in the Studio on Sunday 1st December 2019. Lets end this year on a high!!

Lewis Cooke