Martin Piliponsky


  • Martin will also lead a Morning Class at Independance Dance / Siobhan Davies Studios 4-8 June, 10am-12pm.
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Martin originally trained and worked as an architect before pursuing his passion for dance improvisation. His interest in dance began with Jewish Folk Dances and sports. He studied dance with teachers in the US, Europe and Argentina including: Kirstie Simson; David Zambrano; Gustavo Lesgart; Lisa Nelson; Katie Duck; Mark Tompkins; Benoit Lachambre; Thomas Hauert; Angels Margarit; Peter Jasko; Lipi Hernandez and Marina Giancaspro.

From 2004 – 2012 he lived in Barcelona, ​​Spain, where he worked as an Urban Architect while at the same time teaching dance classes. Since 2012 he has been based in Buenos Aires where he focuses exclusively on the practice of dance improvisation through teaching and performing.

Martin has performed in: Costa Rica; Cuba; Spain; Holland; Austria; Slovenia; Italy; France; the United States; Mexico; Ecuador; Chile; Peru; Brazil and Argentina, where he has taught and and performed in international festivals and theaters. He is a regular teacher in Buenos Aires, as well as teaching workshop intensives throughout Argentina, and in: Chile; Peru; Uruguay; Brasil; France; Slovenia; Italy; Spain; Holland; Cuba; the United States and Mexico.

He has received support from the Metropolitan Fund for Arts and Sciences (2013 and 2015) and IBERESCENA (2014), PRODANZA 2016, a grant for independent projects and creations. He received the TANZ ATELIER Scholarship (2009) and the DANCEWEB Scholarship Program IMPULSTANZ (2010), Vienna, Austria.

As a dancer he performed in HUMO, a work created by choreographer Gustavo Lesgart at the festival TEATRO BOMBÓN. In 2010 Martin was invited by David Zambrano to be part of the project 50 Days of Flying Low and Passing Through in Costa Rica. As a result of this project he began an ongoing artistic collaboration with the American dancer Elia Mrak, with whom he presented Lossamurais and A Talk with Myself in USA, Mexico, Argentina and Peru.

Since 2013 he has created his own works including: OneLoveSong (November 2013); a solo work ParaANOSOTROS (2013); CLASICA a movement choral work for 13 dancers based on improvisation scores (2015); AFECTO premiered at the University of Philosophy of Buenos Aires (2016).

In 2015 Martin began an artistic collaboration with teacher/performer Kirstie Simson (UK) and musican Mathias Ortola (Argentina). In 2017 they embarked on a successful teaching/performing tour of South America in Ecuador, Argentina and Chile. Their future plans include an international platform in Merida, Mexico in March 2017, where they will be joined by dance artist Anya Cloud (USA). In July 2018 they will tour in Europe.