Dance Intensive with Chisato Ohno, 12 & 13 April

Van Huynh Company invites Chisato Ohno to deliver a two day Dance Intensive at Centre 151 on Thursday 12 and Friday 13 April 10:30-15:30.

The workshop is based on a research designed to access an expanding range of physicality through the imagery of sensation. Starting with a Gaga class each day, dancers will move on to tasks encouraging instinctive movement, emphasising quality and texture. The very physical approach will be used to warm up the mind and body, putting priority into connecting to each individual’s unique movement style, encouraging the participants to break out from regular habits and inspiring the body into new movement.

In a sense, your connection to how you move is more important than the dance you show. In the workshop we will seek to experience this distinction mainly through improvisation

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