Sonic Phở by Anna Nguyen and Nicola T. Chang

We are excited to welcome Sonic Phở on Saturday 19 November, 12:00

Whilst eating, guests will listen to an accompanying audio story with poetry created by Anna Nguyen and award-winning sound designer Nicola T. Chang.

The story will be performed in Vietnamese and English.
Limited availabillity and registration by email is required (first come, first served):

In collaboration with New Earth Theatre and Museum of the Home


The Story

Thảo returns home every week to visit her mother. One routine evening, her mother invites her round for her famous home cooked Chicken Phở, the best in Southeast London, her words not Thảo’s.

Mother is obsessed with feeding. However Thảo has a different kind of hunger. As she sits down at the table, questions and longing rise from her hot steaming bowl.

A story of redemption, restoration and generational healing that will ripple out across cultures and time. Connect to the food of our motherland and understand more about the person behind the bowl who cooked it for us.

The audio story contains references to war and intergenerational trauma, which may be triggering. Listener discretion is advised.


Illustration by Thao Huynh