Flying Low & Passing Through with Leila McMillan, 9-12 Sept

Van Huynh Company invites Leila McMillan to deliver a four day Dance Intensive at Centre 151 between Monday 9 and Thursday 12 September, 11:00-16:00 (Wednesday 14:00-18:00).

Together we will spiral in and out of the earth, pass through expansion and cohesion, run, slide, learn how to challenge gravity, how to fall and how to rise. We will work with efficient pathways to move with speed, methods of how to activate the body to the fullest, while commanding our body with our voice. Unlimited possibilities in curve will enable us to pass through the space and transform the environment of dance. We will instantly compose together working with solo and group scores. We will be soft, wild, spicy and powerfully spontaneous. The workshop will be a combination of principles from Flying Low & Passing Through originally created by David Zambrano and Leila’s further development, which support her current choreographic practice.

More information and booking: